Online Teacher Registration System is introduced for easier and faster communication between  Schools, GS&HSEB and DEO Offices.  This system has three kinds of users:

  1. School   2.)DEO   3.)Board

Each School, DEO Offices and Users at GS&HSEB will have Unique Username and Password to access this Online System.

1)School: The school will have their index number and password, they have to login into the system and have to Add /update their teachers information in the stipulated time period. If any information is missing, those information has be filled up by school.

2) DEO: Each DEO office will have their Username and password, with the help of which they can login to the system. They will only see the school information which covers under their district. After school filled up their Teachers information , it is the turn of DEO to check the information and if anything can be contributed by DEO he filled up the information and verify the data.

3) GSHSEB: Board will have their user name and password. After the DEO verified a particular details, it is the turn of GSHSEB to verify  teachers record for each school.

User (School/Board/DEO) will redirect to application interface on logging into the system with their  Username and password.

After logging into the system user can see the Teacher Registration form which has been divided into 5 sections/pages :

These pages are designed to get specific detail about teacher , his/her personal details, about the graduations , Institutional experience, achievement & penalty related  information if any s and exam information can be filled by navigating through these pages. School has to update their teachers details in acceptable defined period from Education Board.

After some stipulated time period decided by Board DEO will verify  information. If DEO finds any information wrong he has rights to update details. After DEO verification Board will also verify school details.

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